Saturday, April 30, 2016

Release: Mr. Tucker by Justine Elvira

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A senior bet.

Almost every school has one–a tradition that's passed down from year to year. My small school in Tennessee is no different. While some seniors at schools all across the country have senior pranks or senior ditch days, our school has the senior bet.

Lose your virginity by spring break–have proof–and you're in the running for prom queen.

Does it sound ridiculous?

It absolutely is, but ridiculousness won't stop me from getting my prom queen nomination. I've had plenty of opportunities to lose my V-card to one of the boys at my school, but I don't want to sleep with a high school boy. I want a man with experience. I want the man that's been starring in my wet dreams at night. I want my history teacher. I want Mr. Tucker.

*Warning: This book contains strong language and graphic sex between a teacher and his consenting student. It's hot and sexy smut at its finest. Mr. Tucker is recommended for mature readers 18 and over.

~ Marlene's Review ~

Quick, Smutty, and Sweet read!

Savannah doesn't have much more time to lose her virginity, but she's not willing to settle for an inexperienced high school boy to take care of the deed. Then along comes Mr. Tucker, the new history teacher that is hot hell....

Mr. Tucker is the young new teacher in town that is looking to make a difference. He's caring, concerned, and willing to go above and beyond to help his struggling students. Then along comes Savannah, the seventeen year old vixen that pushes his limits on a daily basis....

This pairing oozes with sexual chemistry and forbidden lust!

Good writing, good pace, and a naughty storyline that keeps you hooked.
Recommend for a fast and satisfying read!


I am a book lover. I love to write books and I love to read books. I began publishing my own stories several years ago under many different pen names. In the spring of 2013 I published my first story under Justine Elvira. Writing is my form of therapy. I love to take the stories in my head and write them down on paper. 

I'm spontaneous and took a chance on me, leaving an incredibly secure and prosperous job to write full-time...

... and I've loved every minute of my life since.

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