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Release: Mr Right Now (Volume Four) by HJ Bellus

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Volume 4
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Volume 4:
Deadlines threaten to drown the Sterlings as they wrap up business in LA. Dax is in jail serving time, Eli is preoccupied, and Kam is in rehab, leaving Cole to keep the business afloat once again. He was even forced to call in their cousins, the Bennett boys, to oversee club business in Denver. All he knows is Kam better come out of rehab with his head on straight and ready to get back to work.
Jett has problems of her own. She screwed Kam over in the worst possible way, but that won’t stop him from seeking revenge and getting his old life back. The thing is, nothing stops a Sterling from getting what he wants.

-This is a four-part erotic serial.-

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~ Marlene's Review ~

The story of Kam and Jette is full of hurt, suffering, mistakes, and a love that was meant to be. Kam falls hard for Jette and can’t seem to move on after she crushes his heart. Jette is unable to hide from a horrendous past that has caught up to her. As much as she loves Kam, she doesn’t see a way out of her situation. This happily ever after doesn’t come without obstacles, but the end result has been worth the heartache.

This volume also paints us a picture of what the future will look like for all of these couples. I’ve enjoyed reading the stories of these sexy Sterling men. I thought that this was the final installment for these brothers, but so much more can be told along with some unresolved heartache. Does this mean we will be taking the trip to Denver with this crew? I don’t doubt it…

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