Friday, October 17, 2014

Release Blitz: Eraser Amber by Megan Keith

Title: Eraser Amber
Author: Megan Keith
Series: Eraser, volume 5
Genre: Erotic Romance
Cover Design:  Cover to Cover Designs


He wants Mackenzie, longs for her.
In a heartbeat his world came crashing down.
His actions broke her trust, yet she's the one paying the price.
Guilt suffocates him, he needs to fix this ... fix them.
Can he right the wrong before it’s too late?
Or is the desire they were once consumed with fading?

Note: This novella is the fifth in a series that must be read in order.  Mature readers only.  Contains explicit sex with BDSM type scenarios.

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~Marlene's Review~

This series is simply amazing. I have been hooked since the very first installment and it just keeps getting better and better. This series will take you on a roller coaster ride of plot twists and emotions. It has mystery, intrigue, dominance, heartache, angst and frustration. But above all, it will leave you fanning yourself in a quivering mess.   
This author knows what the readers crave and she knows how to deliver. Megan Keith masterfully pulls you in, and then leaves you dangling from a cliff. Brilliant!
My short description of this installment:
Amber picks up where Crimson has left off. Sir blames himself for the predicament that Mackenzie is in. He’s guilt ridden, devastated and simply heartbroken. 

Although Mackenzie doesn’t blame Sir for what happened, she still feels hurt by what she found out before she ran from him. 

Sir and Mackenzie struggle to stay apart because that is what they believe the other wants. The push and pull can only happen for so long. The magnetic energy between these two will always win in the end.
My description needs to end there. It would be too easy to spoil even the smallest tidbit and I would never dream of doing that. You need to experience all that this series has to offer for yourself!

As anxious as I am to get my hands on Platinum, I am dreading the end of Sir and Mackenzie’s journey. Platinum will be the sixth and final installment and is set to release next month. I can’t wait to see what this author has in store for us next! 
Hey Megan, a Tom spin off would be nice…just sayin’

Oh wait! One more thought… Do you like scotch? Well you just might after 
experiencing Amber.

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The final book of the series, Eraser Platinum, is coming November 17th.

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